Selected works

  • Québec Original

    Québec Original

    Interactive documentary will immerse you in memories of Danny Kean

  • Maison Orphée

    Maison Orphée

    Application with more than 100 vinaigettes and marinades

  • Couleur.tv


    They translate madness into pixels

  • Adogotchi


    Tips and tricks for
    parents of teens

  • Quartier des spectacles

    Quartier des spectacles

    Le plus de yeux grand
    ouverts dans 1 KM2

  • Marche ta poutine

    Marche ta poutine

    Walk the equivalent of a "poutine" and eat it free.

  • Moodbox Experience

    Moodbox Experience

    Where interactive technology is always in style.

  • Cannes de Noël lg2

    Cannes de Noël lg2

    Take the control of a canon "ping pong" ball.

  • Stationnement sur mesure

    Stationnement sur mesure

    Use a mobile as joystick to parked the cars.

  • Histoire d’un petit trésor

    Histoire d’un petit trésor

    My daughter in many frames.

  • Serge Côté Graphic Designer

    Serge Côté Graphic Designer

    Graphic designer in Montréal, Canada.

  • Play the broker

    Play the broker

    Do you know enough about real estate?

  • Bell better service

    Bell better service

    Take a smooth journey
    in the brand.

  • Defacto


    See the thruth without filters.

  • Fly studio

    Fly studio

    Post-production agency
    in Montréal, Canada.

  • fperreault | 2008

    fperreault | 2008

    At this time, over 70 000
    saw this.

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Hard worker and full of energy, François is incredibly talented and versatile. He did many projects for a wide variety of clients in several industries. In 2012, he was invited to be part of the FWA jury.

François stood out from the beginning and his achievements have earned him many awards. But don't expect him to self-praise. For him: "good achievement is a collaborative team effort".


agency and personal
  • 12 Applied Art - Interactive Annual
  • 5 FWA of the day
  • 5 Boomerang - Interactive Annual
  • 1 FITC - Finalist
  • 2 Webby - Nominees